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Embrace the art of exotic cooking easily, with our range of gourmet essentials

mortar and pestleGround makes a quality range of natural, fresh, hand-ground gourmet food products to help you create exotic, sensual dishes with ease. Ground provides you with the essential flavours and supports you with ideas and recipes to create outstanding meals every time.

Our Gourmet Essential Range of products

  • are made in small, fresh batches
  • use local & organic or spray-free ingredients wherever possible
  • contain no artificial ingredients,
    fillers or preservatives 

We also offer premium quality

  • whole spices

Ground products make it easy for you to create gourmet meals at home. Simply add any of our range of exotic fare to fresh ingredients for a meal that captures the flavours and aromas of cuisines from various regions around the world.

Let Ground transport you on a gourmet tour of the globe. Feel the Sicilian sun as you taste our Spezie, inhale the flavours of a Moroccan spice market when you cook with our Ras al Hanout, taste the freshness of New Zealand's native kawakawa herb in our Pounamu Dukkah and remind yourself of the bush in our great outdoors!

Our Gourmet Essential Range
Our products are high quality, natural foods made with a passion for exotic cuisine. Freshness is of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to using organic or spray-free, locally produced ingredients wherever possible. Some of our products are seasonal, and are therefore not available all year round. You will find that our product range changes annually as we develop new products to keep you inspired and up-to-date with food trends.

How it started
It all started in 2003 when two gourmet foodies living in Lyttelton in the South Island of New Zealand were frustrated at the lack of exotic food products on the market. Many recipes they wanted to try called for ingredients that simply were not available in New Zealand. They started to make their own, and the feedback from family and friends was overwhelming. Ground was born from the love of good food, and authentic cooking. The mortar and pestle logo was chosen, as it is one of the key tools in the Ground kitchen. Now operating from a small commercial kitchen with spectacular views of the Lyttelton Harbour, Ground is a small company with a big aim - to make exotic cooking easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Guarantee of Quality
We guarantee the quality of all our products. Should you be unhappy with your product in any way, please contact us with details of where and when you purchased the product, along with the use- by date. We'll gladly replace the product or give you another one from our range to the same value.

For more information on Ground, please contact us.