Other ideas on using basil.



Deep-fried basil leaves make a great garnish for seafood

Basil butter is an excellent topping for any cooked tomato dish. Just blend butter, basil and black pepper, roll up into a sausage shape in baking paper, twist the ends to seal and freeze.

Mix a large quantity of basil leaves with good quality extra virgin olive oil and toss through fresh pasta, freshly cooked peas, or spoon over seafood or meat.

Use fresh basil for savoury muffins with other ingredients like feta, sundried tomatoes etc.

Combine tomatoes, basil, and bocconcini for a salad. This is fantastic on good crusty bread, with a dash of black pepper and drizzled with some top NZ olive oil.

Scatter basil over pizzas at the end of baking.

Make an Italian soft cheese and basil spread layering ricotta mixed with parmesan and chopped basil leaves with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Of course a good authentic pesto is so versatile-made with basil, good olive oil and parmesan, and pine nuts, garlic, salt and pepper, all bashed together in a mortar and pestle and stored in a jar with a layer of olive oil on top.