A Louisiana staple for spicing up everything

This original blend from the “deep South” of the U.S. has a nice kick to it. Perfect for a rub on BBQ meats of course, but surprisingly good in other ways. The mix of chillies, oregano and other spices makes it a winner for everything from gumbo to Jambalaya.

Ingredients: White pepper, black pepper, Cayenne pepper, mild paprika, dried thyme, Sicilian oregano, salt

Ideas for Cajun

  • An essential ingredient in “blackened fish”. Rub it on fish fillets and cook them on high heat until blackened
  • Add to your hashbrown mix for a kick start to the day, or your oven chips at the end
  • Mix it into some good quality mayonnaise and serve with anything, or into your dressing for potato salads
  • Mix with garlic and onion and use as a base for gumbo or other stews and casseroles
  • Mix with polenta or breadcrumbs and coat prawns before frying and adding to a Po’Boy.

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