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Reviews of Ground Culinary Centre and the Ground Gourmet Essentials range of spice blends:

 Lonely Planet's BEST IN TRAVEL 2011 (2.1 MB PDF)

'The top 10 destinations in the world to
learn to cook the local cuisine

Visit raffish Lyttelton and ... ask about cooking classes and buy
Kiwi craft beers at Ground Culinary Centre.

 The Press – 27 Feb 2010 (1.2 MB PDF)

'Spicy Lyttelton Combo'

A visitor could easily spend all day Ground Culinary Centre.

Unlimited – Nov 2008 (2.3 MB PDF)


Jenny Garing of Ground
used Lyttelton farmers' market
to teach customers about
exotic spice mixtures

NZ Life and Leisure - July 2008 (450 KB PDF)

'Spice Girl'  

One woman's love with
flavour's is rated
a hit in multicultural Lyttelton.

 Hospitality Today - Autumn 2007 (1.2 MB PDF)

'Spicing it up and raising the heat'

Combining the best of spice blends...
and incorporating some of New Zealand's
native herbs and spices to it's mixes
...Ground has carved a unique niche
in the spice market in New Zealand.

 The Press – Jul 2007 (6 MB pdf)

'Essential Port of Call'

Lyttelton's culinary star has risen
another notch with the opening
of the Ground Culinary Centre.

 Next Magazine – Jul 2006 (10 MB pdf)

'Spice Girls'

Jenny Garing and Vicki Martin take
the bump and grind of producing
exotic gourmet food in their stride

 VIP Canterbury – Jul - Dec 2005 (1.5 MB pdf)

'Ground Essentials'

Ground was born from the love
of good food, and authentic cooking