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Membrillo \/ Membrillo (quince paste)      Membrillo
Also known as quince paste, this is commonly served in Spain as slices with a sharp cheese. For savoury ideas, melt with a little water to make quince glaze for roast or BBQ meats, filo tarts with feta cheese and Ground's Moroccan preserved lemons. For sweet ideas, simply cube and dip in chocolate, or press pieces into sweet biscuit dough before baking.

quince, sugar

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Ideas for Membrillo
  1. Savoury ideas:
  2. Manchego con Membrillo is commonplace in the tapas bars of Spain, but many cheeses other than Manchego work well with Membrillo. Try it with shavings of parmesan, soft white cheeses, goat and sheep milk cheeses, feta and creamy blue cheeses.
  3. Membrillo adds a subtle, fruity sweetness to sauces and gravies. Add about 1 tablespoon at a time and let it melt in, then taste before adding more; you don??t want it to overpower, but rather enhance the sauce.
  4. Gently melt Membrillo in a saucepan with a tablespoon of boiling water until soft and add to marinades for your next barbecue, or brush over meats for a fruity glaze.
  5. Sweet ideas:
  6. To make little gem biscuits, press a cube of Membrillo into the centre of your favourite plain, nut, spice or lemon-flavoured cookies before baking.
  7. For an easy dessert, combine chopped Membrillo with equal quantities of marzipan and stuff the centre of halves of peaches, nectarines or apricots. Cook under a preheated grill and serve with vanilla ice-cream.
  8. To make Membrillo and apple tarts, use your favourite apple tart recipe but spread the pastry with Membrillo before adding the apple. Serve with Membrillo Cream.
  9. Membrillo Cream: Place 2 tablespoons of Membrillo in a small saucepan with 2 tablespoons of sherry or green ginger wine and stir over low heat until smooth. Cool. Add mixture to 200mls of cream and whisk until soft peaks form. Membrillo cream is perfect with fruit desserts or cakes.
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