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Pronounced "spet see ay" this traditional Sicilian recipe can be used as a dip for bread, like Dukkah. Use it as a rub on meats or toss on roast vegetables. Sicilians sprinkle it on pizza but Vicki's husband loves it on soft-boiled eggs and toast.

pistachios, wild Sicilian oregano, poppy seeds, spices, thyme, salt, chilli.

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Ideas for Spezie
  1. Use Spezie as a dip with bread and extra virgin olive oil, as you would with Dukkah.
  2. Dip your toast soldiers into soft-boiled egg yolk and then Spezie for a breakfast treat.
  3. Sprinkle Spezie over leafy green salads.
  4. Do as the Sicilians do - sprinkle Spezie onto pizzas near the end of cooking.
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