Our Store

When you walk into GROUND you enter a New York style Deli. The food is freshly prepared and made from local and organic ingredients, and the coffee beans blended especially for GROUND.


Ground Culinary Centre cooking classesIf you are looking for something exotic like Serrano ham or Pistachio Mortadella or as conventional as Pancetta or Prosciutto then look no further than GROUND, air dried and cured meats imported from Europe, or Terrines and Patés made right here at Ground from local ingredients. Deli treats include a large range of olives, fresh House made Hummus and Dips, Dolamades, Spanish Membrillo or roasted capsicums, eggplant and artichokes. International fare produced with local and imported ingredients in Ground's Kitchen.


Cheeses!We are one of few stores that stock imported raw milk cheese and now have a large range of International Cheeses...

Roquefort and St Auger from France, Stilton, Lancashire and Wenslydale from England, Edam from Holland, Feta from Egypt and Bulagaria, Kefalograveria from Greece, Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, French Brie and of course the very best from New Zealand.



CoffeeTo fit with GROUND’s philosophy of ‘Community’ we use locally roasted beans from the Lyttelton Coffee Company – blended especially for Ground - premium organic and fair-trade. Come in, sit down and enjoy a cup. Take it away, or take home beans whole or ground to your liking. Yes, we do know how to make bongos, naked and dry cappucinos, piccolos etc. Or try our real green tea and chai lattes (no sweet syrups here).



Recommended by Lonely Planet Guide and Cuisine Magazine, and as featured in their guides to 2011: