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Rhona, from Lyttelton, has the following to say about her favourite Ground products:

Toum: Absolute favourite - delicious with fish.
Baharat: exotic addition for the BBQ particularly roast veggies, yum.
Pounamu Dukkah: more-ish to the max.
Red Harissa: delicious unusual spicy sauce, very versatile - even great on toast.
Moroccan Preserved Lemons: really special in a salad with cucumber, and toasted pine nuts.


Steve cooking his favourite mid-week meatballs 'Moroccan Preserved Lemons style' on the mean streets of Perth, Western AustraliaSteve, from Perth, Western Australia sent us his comments on two of his favourite Ground products; Rosemary Pesto and Moroccan Preserved Lemons:

Ever since first tasting (Ground's Rosemary Pesto), I've thought it was nothing short of culinary genius, and was even eating it straight at one point. Of all the spices I tried during the garden taste test party‚ I thought this is the one that will really grab people's attention and is the perfect combination of mainstream appeal with something different.

The other one I really got into were the pickled lemons (Moroccan Preserved Lemons). An absolute winner, which Soo and I discovered can be put in a huge range of dishes, including a proven ability to turn mid-week meatballs into an exotic feast! (chopped up into very small pieces and mixed with the meat). I think the lemons are a beauty because they're one of those items that is great to have hand-made rather than factory produced, but I know I would never get around to making myself.


Darina, from Christchurch wrote to us about our Za'atar:

The (dry spice mix) I use with fish, Za'atar, is absolutely delicious. It gives the meal 'class' by transforming it from fried fish to an exotic speciality. Following Jenny's tip of mixing the spices with cornmeal rather than flour takes away the stodginess of the flour, giving the fish a crisp, light coating. I now eat a lot more fish, as it's quick and easy to do.


Philippa, a Lyttelton resident, shared her thoughts about her two favourite Ground products:

Spezie - just lovely, really unique and very versatile, really great with scrambled eggs. Rosemary Pesto - a really exceptional variation on the pesto theme.


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